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There’s a lot of ways to cope with your divorce, but not all of them are healthy. Alcohol and drugs are some of the highest on that list. Addiction during divorce can really have a negative impact on how you heal. There’s a few areas in particular that it really hurts…

Addiction During Divorce: How It Hurts

Your health

An addiction during divorce is going to have some serious consequences on your health. With all the stress divorce brings, it can be tempting to drink or do some drugs in order to find an escape. However, this stress tends to make people do things they normally wouldn’t. With drugs and alcohol, it could mean taking very dangerous amounts of them.

The dangers of alcohol and drugs effect pretty much all aspects of the body. Plus, these negative effects get worse over time. Things become even more risky if you try and mix alcohol and drugs. The unintended side-effects can really hurt your health, both physically and mentally.

Your future goals

Addiction during divorce also hurts any future plans you have. You might have many different ideas in mind for your new post-divorce life. These could include new career goals, a new hobby you want to get into, or maybe places you’d like to move to. An addiction can seriously place these goals in jeopardy.

For starters, addictions can be a massive money sink. Funds you could’ve saved for these goals may end up being spent on things like alcohol or drugs. Plus, an addiction will make it much more harder to achieve these goals, which could further fuel the desire to drink or take drugs. As a result, you’ll want to think about the future to help keep your mind focused.

The divorce itself

As you might expect, an addiction during divorce also negatively impacts your divorce itself. Ad addiction is going to make it hard for you to focus on the divorce process. That means the decisions you make might not be all the good for you in the long run.

Furthermore, an addiction isn’t going to help with things like custody or spousal support. The last thing you want to do is have the divorce go poorly, and impact everything which comes after. Instead, it’s best to not take the risk and avoid drugs or alcohol altogether.