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It’s understandable that a couple will be pretty close. However, there’s a difference between “normal” closeness and having a clingy partner. Having a partner that’s too close can cause serious strain in a relationship, and could even lead to a divorce…

Clingy Partner: Potential Signs

They constantly call or text

It’s always nice to have a partner that’ll check in on you when you’re at work or away for some reason. Still, usually they won’t be blowing up your phone all the time. If they are, then it could be an indicator that they’re a clingy partner.

Even then, it’s not just the fact that they’ll constantly try to call or text you. It could be that they get very upset at you when you don’t reply. Even if you’re busy with work or driving, they won’t understand why they aren’t the priority. This can be a sign that they’re too attached to you.

They hate when you go out

While it’s good to spend time with your partner, there’s also times where you’ll want to go out with friends. In general, most spouses will be fine with this. Generally, this is because they’ll do the same as well. A clingy partner, on the other hand, might hate it.

Rather than let you go out, they might try to stop you and keep you at home with them. Or, they’ll try and convince you to let them come with you. If you refuse, then they’ll try to say you don’t care about them or get mad at you. If your partner can’t let you have some time to yourself, then it’s probably because they’re too clingy.

They lack friends or interests

Ideally, you and your partner will enjoy doing things together. But, just like you have your own friends and hobbies, they should as well. If you notice they spend their time just with you, and doing nothing else, then it could be because they’re a clingy partner.

These kind of partners will gradually spend less time with their own friends, or doing things on their own. Rather, you end up becoming their only friend, and only interest. While this might seem okay at first, over time it’ll quickly become constricting to the point of comfortableness.