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There are plenty of wonderful reasons to date a divorcee, but sometimes people still are hesitant. Just because a relationship didn’t work out once doesn’t mean that it was their fault. Often people simply grow apart in marriage and realize that they aren’t compatible in the long run. Divorcees often know what they want out of a relationship and are comfortable being open and upfront about it from day one. In addition, they also want to make sure to take things slow. They can likely spot some relationship problems early. And finally, you know that they can commit, as they have already been married once. There shouldn’t be any stigma associated with dating divorcees. One person’s failed marriage is another person’s soul mate.

4 Great Reasons to Date a Divorcee: Not a Stigma

They Know What They Want

One reason to date a divorcee is that they know what they want. They’ve been through the struggles of trying to make a marriage work as well as the stress of divorce. They will likely be even more committed to making sure their next relationship works out. They know exactly what they want out of life and they probably are comfortable being upfront about it. If they want kids or don’t want kids they’ll likely let you know early on. They know the value of discussing important relationship details at the outset.

They Will Take Things Slow

Another great reason to date a divorcee is that they are likely to take things slow. They might have experienced firsthand the dangers of getting too serious too quickly. They’ll be more likely to take their time and make sure that the relationship is sustainable before moving to the next stage.

They Can Spot Issues Early

Divorcees can spot a relationship problem early on. They’ve been through the stress of a failing marriage. So they know what things trigger them and likely they know what things they need to work on in themselves. They’ve likely learned a bit of how to compromise throughout the divorce process. Being able to pinpoint potential early red flags in a new relationship is another great bonus to beginning to date a divorcee.


One last reason to date a divorcee is that you know that they are pro-commitment. They can decide to get serious with another person. They’ve been down the path of marriage before, so hopefully, they still believe in the value of the institution. It can be hard to date somebody if you aren’t sure they will ever be ready to commit. However, a divorcee has a proven record of being willing to commit.

There are many reasons to date a divorcee, yet somehow there remains a bit of stigma about it. But just because they didn’t find their soul mate with their first marriage doesn’t mean that it was necessarily their fault. They know what they want out of a relationship and they aren’t likely to waste your time if your goals in life aren’t lining up. In addition, they’re more likely to take things slowly to make sure the fit is right before moving to the next stage of your relationship. They can spot a red flag early on and will be more likely to be able to work through issues or know if they are deal-breakers. And finally, they have already shown that they believe in commitment and marriage. Divorcees are experienced and well-rounded and often go on to have very successful second marriages.