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If a child was involved in the divorce, most likely one parent will owe to the other some amount of child support. At Robert J. Reeves P.C., our divorce attorneys will work to ensure that any amount of child support is fair to both the parents and the child. Getting  Fort Mill child support right is important because it usually lasts until the child turns eighteen. Furthermore, child support can end sooner or later than that if certain circumstances occur. And, while parents can modify child support through the family court, it isn’t easy.

Our Fort Mill divorce attorneys can help you get child support right the first time.

Calculating Child Support

If a parent requests child support, the court must award it. The court must also use the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines to calculate the amount. These guidelines calculate child support as the share of each parent’s income that each parent would have spent on the child. The guidelines ask judges to consider two primary factors and several other secondary factors.

The primary factors are the actual gross income and earning potential of both parties. Fort Mill judges will also consider the parents’ expenses, assets, and health, and the needs of the children. Judges will also consider the facts and circumstances surrounding each case before deciding on a child support amount.

Challenging Child Support

When a court determines an amount of child support that you do not agree with, you can challenge it. However, judges have a certain amount of discretion in awarding child support. Thus, an appellate court will not overturn an award of child support unless you can show that the family court judge abused his or her discretion.

If you are already paying child support and your circumstances have changed, you might be able to modify the support amount. Learn more about child support modification here.

Whatever your child support needs, our Fort Mill divorce attorneys are here for you the entire way. They will guide you through the process to ensure that the final agreement has an appropriate child support amount. So, contact us to speak with an attorney today and schedule your consultation.

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