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The COVID-19 outbreak and recent quarantines have flipped things upside down for millions of people. Co-parents in particular are going to see their usual plans impacted. Therefore, it’s good to think about new quarantine co-parenting plans. Making some changes can help you find something which’ll work despite the difficult times…

Quarantine Co-Parenting: How To Adapt

Work on the schedule

The first thing to look at when adjusting to quarantine co-parenting is the schedule. Odds are that you and your ex may be working from home now rather than going in for it. Same goes for your kids, who are probably doing their schooling online. Therefore, you need to come up with a schedule that adapts to these changes.

Remember to set aside time for the both of you to finish your work like you usually would. Be sure to take a similar approach in regards to the kids and their school work. Also, set up plans for if anyone gets sick ahead of time just in case. It’s a lot easier to prepare now than after someone is ill!

Take health precautions

Quarantine co-parenting also means taking more health precautions than normal. The CDC has established very clear guidelines as to what should be avoid during this time. This includes limiting the amount of people you’re around, how often you go out, and how close you should be to others. As a result, you may need to take some steps you’re not used to.

The biggest change might be not moving the kids back and forth between houses. Instead, it might be safer to have them stay at one parent’s house for an extended period of time. Then, this time can be made up later when things are calmer by the other parent. In the meantime, use of technology can help that other parent still stay in touch with the kids.

Prioritize the kids

Moving over to quarantine co-parenting is probably going to be a bit hard at first. You and your ex may disagree on what the right steps are to take. Still, you can’t let yourselves get into big arguments. After all, you need to keep in mind who your co-parenting is meant to benefit.

Your priority should be to try and make this as easy on the kids as possible. That might mean making some tough decisions. For instance, if you live far away, it may be better for the kids to stay at their other parent’s place for the time being. It can be rough, but the safety of your kids has to take priority.