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The Consultation

Choosing a Law Firm: The Consultation

When you are looking for a law firm to represent you in your family law needs, you need to be selective. This means that you need to do your research and contact law firms that you believe are a good fit with you and your issue. Part of the process of selecting a law firm is the consultation. The consultation is very important because it gives you and the attorney an opportunity to interview each other.

Your Consultation and Screening with Us

At our firm, the consultation allows us to see if we mesh well with your legal goals. It also allows us to determine how we would approach your family law needs. Thus, we can inform you about the expected total price and general case strategy. Because these consultations are in depth, our firm charges $300. However, before this, we offer a free screening over the phone.

If you call one our attorneys, they will speak with you over the phone to determine if you actually need a lawyer or just some friendly advice. If we cannot help or you do not need a lawyer, we will let you know and offer you friendly advice, for free. However, if your legal needs present an actual legal issue that we can help with, our attorneys will offer to schedule an in-office consultation with you.

This process allows us to ensure that we have consultations with people that truly need one. We do not want to waste your time and money if we cannot help you or you do not need an attorney. So, if you’re looking for a divorce attorney, feel free to contact us to speak with an attorney. They will screen you for free and then offer a consultation if you need one.