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Finding healthy routines following a divorce can be tricky. Oftentimes, a divorce will leave you in a funk that makes paying attention to routines and health a little more difficult. So, finding small ways to do so can be a huge help to you getting back out there, and finding your way in this new life of yours. So, we’ve created a list— of all the little ways you can get back into your groove, and get back to feeling like yourself.

Finding Healthy Routines After Divorce

Make the best of where your life is at right now

While you might roll your eyes at this— it’s a great place to start! Embrace the fact that this is new, that you don’t know where to go with this, and that finding people who understand might be pretty helpful. Consider joining a support group of people who are dealing with the same thing, or just find someone you can open up to. Getting involved with new and unfamiliar surroundings and people will help you to establish this new place you’re at in life.

Rejoin Social Activities and Friends

Chances are, you have been taking a break from your normal Tuesday trivia, Sunday tailgates, and the likes— well, now is the time to get back out there. Getting back to your norm in this way can be oddly therapeuticic. Sometimes you just need that reminder that not everything in your life is completely different. Those friends, these activities, and the atmosphere are still there for you.

Getting involved in intramural sports is another fantastic way to get out there and meet new people. Not to mention, competition and exercise are both great ways of getting your mind off of what’s been happening and also helping you sleep if that’s been an issue.

Take Care of Yourself

Eat healthy!!!! It is extremely easy to fall into bad eating habits when you’re down and out. Use grocery shopping and farmers markets as another excuse to get out of the house. Buy fresh ingredients, get back to cooking, find those old comforts and make them new again. Between healthy foods, healthy exercising, and getting back to old routines— you might just start to feel like the old you in new clothing.

Take Back Your Life

To sum all this up, take back your routines and rediscover what it is that makes you happy and makes you happy. Decide what you love and how you want to spend your time. Now is a better time than any to be a little bit selfish and do things strictly for you, and finding healthy routines is a big party of that. This is a time of discovery and change in your life— find ways to make the most of it!