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As you begin considering new partners during divorce proceedings, it is important to understand the implications. Engaging in an intimate relationship while your divorce is still in progress, whether it is your former spouse or someone new— has a few different possible consequences. From emotional repercussions, to legal and financial repercussions, there are a few risks you take when engaging in sexual relations with a new partner before your divorce is finalized.

Finding New Partners During Divorce Proceedings: The Implications

It can hinder your legal terms

If you are currently following through on a lawsuit or negotiation with your spouse while engaging with someone else, your terms might be up for reevaluation. Also, if you and your spouse still technically share a home— your potential for alimony payments can dissipate. These are things to consider as well. Especially if you and your spouse are not on the same page about ‘getting back out there’ so quickly. While the above consequences aren’t always the outcome, if your spouse is feeling jaded— they can absolutely pursue them.

It can anger the other party and make them pursue more

As we said, if you and your spouse aren’t on the same page about how things are moving along— there might be some anger or feelings that lead them to seek out more. While your divorce might previously be going amicably, involving yourself with someone so soon might upset that.

Aside from the ways in which they could retaliate— there is also a respect factor to consider. Think about it— you’ve been with this person, and this person only (presumably), for years (also presumably). You’ve been standing by this person through the good and the bad. In a way, honoring the fact that you’re still married to this person at the moment could show that continued respect. Which, in turn, might help the parting of ways continue on in an easy-going manner.

If it’s worth it, it’s worth the wait

Lastly, if you really care about this new person in your life— being ‘romantic’ should be able to wait. To protect yourself, your spouse, your legal proceedings, and alimony or property— waiting might be your best route. There’s no way to say how the other party might react. But in the case that the other spouse is feeling bothered by your decision, there could be some trouble lying ahead. So, proceed with caution and make the best decision for your divorce and yourself! Good luck!