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Different people deal with divorce in different ways. From therapy sessions, nights out with friends, all the way down to divorce parties. Yep, you read that right. Some former couples find closure in hosting a gathering to ring in this new era of their life. Untying the knot celebrations are the newest trend in celebrating this kind of change. The details may vary, but the results are entirely the same. It isn’t always easy to poke fun at your mistrials, but for those of us who find it fun and helpful, a divorce party might be right up your alley.

Untying the Knot Celebrations: A Party for Your Parting

Why Would you Celebrate?

This is a new stage in your life! No matter how the marriage ended, or how you’re feeling about the past— it is time to be done with it and move forward. Throwing a party to mark these changes can be making the best of a bad situation— quite literally. Choosing to celebrate change instead of sinking into the sadness can be more therapeutic for some than therapy itself.

On the other hand, if you have children together, a celebration might be just the type of thing they need to wrap their brain around the good in this. A main concern for children of divorce is that of what is going to change about their life. By celebrating this new definition of family instead of mourning it— you can give your children the peace of mind that these changes are not negative, just different.

Who’s Invited?

Maybe one of these untying the knot celebrations is just what you need to uplift your spirits and turn the page. Therefore, maybe you choose to throw this party for you and your friends. Or, maybe, you and your ex are ending this marriage on really good terms. So, you decide to go at this together. Spouses can divorce for a number of reasons, and the ways in which we mourn or celebrate what was, well, that can be quite different as well.

Ultimately, it is up to you as to how it goes and who comes along. There’s no shame in saying that you need this celebration just for you. Coping with divorce and getting comfortable with yourself takes some adjustment. Between time, exploration, and answering to your best interests from time to time— there’s a lot of personal work to be done. So do this your way! Do it for yourself, you and your spouse, or the two of you and your kids. Make this your way of turning a chapter and feeling good about it.