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Adjusting to life after your divorce can be tricky, especially in regards to holidays and birthdays. Even if you remained friendly with your ex, it can be hard to determine if buying gifts post-divorce is the right call. However, there are a few reasons why you might want to…

Buying Gifts Post-Divorce

Helps your kids be kids

Divorce is also very tough on your kids. Having to adjust to this new way of life isn’t always an easy task for them. Therefore, it’s important to help them feel like the kids they are when you can. One of the ways you can do this is by buying gifts post-divorce.

If you don’t buy gifts for your ex, then your kids might feel like they have to instead. Not only is this not fair to them, but if they’re younger, then they probably don’t have the money to do so. As a result, they can end up feeling guilty. However, if you buy a gift, it helps them feel like things are still a bit “normal” like they used to be.

Sets a good example

How you and your ex act towards each other can really leave an impression on your kids. The more kinder you are towards one another, the more they can see that this new post-divorce life isn’t that bad. That’s why a great way to show that kindness is by buying gifts post-divorce.

A gift is a nice and easy way to show your kids that your ex isn’t someone you hate. After all, while they may be your ex, they’re also your kids mother or father. Doing something like buying a gift, and overall still being friendly, helps your kids feel like it’s okay to have fun with and love both you and your ex.

Shows your appreciation

Buying gifts post-divorce can be helpful for the impression it leaves on your kids. It also is, of course, a nice gesture towards your ex. Buying them a birthday or holiday gift helps show them that you still appreciate your relationship with them, even though you might no longer be married. Plus, it can be a good way to help improve your relationship if you’ve both been at odds.