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The ongoing COVID-19 or “coronavirus” outbreak has certainly changed things for a lot of people. This is especially true for people who are either divorcing, or have recently divorced. However, there are ways to push back against these coronavirus worries. This can help you keep calm even with everything that’s going on…

Coronavirus Worries: Keep Your Cool

Stay informed from the right sources

One factor which has made many people’s coronavirus worries worse is all the different information going around. With social media, it’s very easy for someone to make a post about something and present it as fact. These posts could get spread around thousands of times, even though they aren’t true! Therefore, you need to make sure you use reliable sources for info.

While the news can be helpful, it can be draining to see a steady flow of seemingly negative reports. That’s why it might be better to limit how much news you watch. In the meantime, try to make use of resources like those on the CDC’s website. That way, you can be sure the info you read is legit.

Focus on what you can control

A lot of coronavirus worries come from how much is happening outside of people’s control. Seeing things close down and being told to stay inside can be a bit frightening. If you were in the middle of a divorce, or about to start it, you may be worried about what’ll happen now. Still, these aren’t things you can control. Rather, try to focus on the things you can still control instead.

For example, you can control things like your daily routine, especially if you’re working from home. You can also try to get some extra prep done for your divorce. Once you’re able to recognize what you can actively do yourself, you can start to lose some of that stress.

Find a new hobby

A lot of people are finding themselves with a combination of a lot of free time, but nowhere to go and spend it. This can cause them to get a little “stir crazy” and obsess over coronavirus worries. If your divorce plans got sidelined, the last thing you want to do is spend all your time freaking out about it. Instead, you can look at picking up a new hobby.

There’s plenty of hobbies and activities you can do at home. Some people like to take up painting, model building, or learning an instrument. Others are using this time to pick up some new skills, such as another language. Having something else to sink your time into can help you worry less.