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During your divorce, you might find yourself having to head to court for a few different reasons. As you do, it’s important to know how to present yourself, especially in court clothing. What you wear to court really can influence how the proceedings go…

Court Clothing: What To Wear

Why your clothes matter

Everyone is probably familiar with a phrase similar to “you only get to make one first impression”. Making a first impression when meeting someone new is something everyone does, even when they aren’t aware of it. In fact, it only takes 1/10th of a second to make an impression about someone!

The courtroom is no different. Of course, the stakes here are much higher. As a result, it’s important to make sure you leave a good first impression on the judge. Wearing the right kind of court clothing helps show them you’re taking things seriously, and respecting them and the court itself.

Keep it clean and neat

Court clothing can differ for men and women. Men usually tend to wear a simple dress shirt and pants, along with nice shoes. They may also wear a tie, or go for a complete business suit. Women tend to wear simple dresses, a nice skirt and blouse, or business suits as well.

However, one thing they both want to do is keep their clothes clean and presentable. Nothing ruins an impression more than stained, wrinkly clothing. Stains and wrinkles can make it seem like you’re lazy or unclean. Therefore, even when you dress the part, make sure it looks as it should.

Tattoos & piercings

Things like tattoos, body piercings, and unique hair colors are very common these days. However, they can be somewhat out-of-place in a courtroom. Granted, there are some judges who may not mind. However, you don’t want to take the risk of finding out that they aren’t.

Due to this, it helps to wear court clothing which will also cover up your tattoos. As for piercings, it helps to take them out before as well. You may even want to consider dying your hair back to a more “normal” color for the time being too, if possible.