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For many people, celebrating might not be the first thing that comes to mind when their divorce is over. However, the trend of having a divorce celebration is one that has been gaining traction. As it turns out, these’s events might be helpful ways for you to let go of your divorce baggage…

Divorce Celebration: A Good Idea?

What are they?

You might be curious as to what exactly a divorce celebration is. As the name implies, it’s a way for people to turn the usually negative feelings of divorce into something positive. These events are a celebration of the fact that your unhappy marriage has ended, and your new life has begun.

Plus, these celebrations can be anything you’d want them to be. They can be a big party for you and your friends, or just a small private get together. In fact, you can have a celebration all by yourself if you wish. After all, it’s your divorce, so it only makes sense you chose how to celebrate.

Why do it?

Now, you might think that a divorce celebration may be in poor taste. After all, if your divorce was a smooth or mutual affair, then there may not be much to celebrate. However, if you’re coming out of a toxic, unhealthy, or abusive marriage, then a celebration can be a good way to get back to feeling like yourself again.

Plus, a celebration can be a good start to your post-divorce life. Many people find themselves grappling with baggage after their divorce. However, if you celebrate you and your new life, that can be a helpful step for being able to shed that baggage in the future.

Some precautions

Still, if you plan on throwing a divorce celebration, it helps to take some precautions. For starters, don’t let your ex get wind of your plans. They might take your celebration the wrong way and it can really hurt your post-divorce relationship, especially if you’re co-parents. Keep things only between you and your friends.

Also, try to keep things off of social media. Pictures, videos, or comments could quickly get spun around and cause a lot of drama. The last thing you need is added drama when you’re trying to kick start your new life. After all, the only people who need to know about what’s going on are the people you want to celebrate with.