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When it comes to divorcing high school sweethearts, it might seem like a sad love story coming to an end. High school sweethearts have seen every formative moment in your life. They were there for prom, and graduation, and maybe college. Your sweetheart was probably there for the start of your career. So what happens without them? It could be the end of that story, but it’s the beginning of another.

Divorcing High School Sweethearts: Your New Love Story

Do You Believe in Life After Love?

Like the famous Cher song says “I need time to move on, I need a love to feel strong”. Your love was strong from your teenage years up until recently. You can cherish that relationship, but you don’t need to dwell. You should believe in life after love. There’s an entire world ready to be discovered by the new, single you. After divorcing high school sweethearts, many enter this stage with caution. Going at whatever pace you feel comfortable with is best.

Age is Just a Number

Since you’ve been together since your teen years, you probably have no experience in modern dating. Recognizing that dating is different now than it was then will be your first step to achieving dating greatness. It’s okay that you haven’t been on a first date in a while. First dates are always nerve wracking, whether you’re in your twenties or your fifties. Your date will understand. Divorcing high school sweethearts is common, so your date might’ve experienced something similar.

Love After Separation

So you’ve been in love with your sweetheart since sophomore year, now what? Divorcing high school sweethearts does not mean you cannot still feel love for them. You can still keep in touch with their family. You can still do all of these things post-divorce. Letting your ex-sweetheart know that you still care for them might be a nice gesture.

So it goes, divorcing high school sweethearts is just a way of life. The letterman jackets and the yearbooks will continue to hold the memories of young love. This new step in life is a chance to have a new romance, and get those butterflies all over again.