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There are very little jobs that have no stress. In fact, some would argue that a job is not a job if it doesn’t bring stress to your life. While this may not be a positive outlook, at some point you’ve probably agreed. The stress from jobs can be brought home sometimes, causing problems with family and home life. These stressful situations can turn regular jobs into high divorce rate jobs. Some industries have more high divorce rate jobs than others. Is your job in one of these industries?

High Divorce Rate Jobs: Split Statistics

Service Industry

When there is alcohol involved, there is also temptation. Because of the nature of some aspects of bartending and serving, this industry has a lot of high divorce rate jobs. While serving is a little more tame, bartending can take a toll on people. Late hours, weekend work, and high volumes of alcohol all add to the strain it can put on a marriage. In addition, people who visit the bars could potentially be looking for hook ups.

Gaming Service Industry

Everyone has heard the phrase, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. The stress that sometimes comes with the employees in this field can lead to a divorce. Additionally, there is a constant flow of alcohol (and sometimes other substances). This can lower inhibitions. High divorce rate jobs in this industry include cage workers (those who exchange money for chips), dealers, and servers.

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is a broad term to cover dancers, athletes, and other forms of entertainment. Whether it is adult entertainment or sports teams, many in this light get attention from a lot of people. This can cause problems within the home and the marriage due to jealousy or other inappropriate behaviors. High divorce rate jobs in this industry include actors, athletes, dancers, and other public figures.

High divorce rate jobs do not mean that you will get a divorce if you work in this industry. It also does not mean that if you do not work in that industry, you won’t get a divorce. It’s important to note that these are just common jobs with high divorce rates.