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It can be very difficult to let go of your marriage memories after your divorce. However, this will only make it harder for you to get your post-divorce life started. Instead, it’s important you begin working on letting go of the past for the sake of a brighter future…

Marriage Memories: Letting Go Of The Past

Start with the tangible things

It’s hard to let go of marriage memories because they’re not something that’s physical. After all, you can’t just make yourself forget something. However, you can start to clean out those physical objects which remind you of your marriage. Doing so will help you begin to move on from the past.

This is especially helpful to do if you’re moving into a new place to live. Gather up all the things which bring up memories or feelings about your spouse and marriage. Then, do you best to get rid of them, either by selling them, donating them, or just throwing them away. Not having those constant reminders of your marriage can help with the moving on process.

Keep yourself busy

Not having things to do can allow for your mind to race and those marriage memories to come back. This can make it hard not only to enjoy your free time, but also to move on from your past. As a result, you’ll want to find some ways to keep yourself busy and those memories off your mind.

Many people like to pick up a new hobby to help them pass the time. Having something to sink your time into and improve on can not only help you forget those memories, but also boost your self-confidence. Plus, it’ll give you something to look forward to doing in the future.

Make new memories

Your marriage memories will continue to linger if you don’t create any new ones after your divorce. It’s important to start working on new post-divorce memories to help push those other memories out of your mind. Eventually, you’ll have more enjoyable memories of the former than the later.

A great way to do this is to go out and start making new memories. Go out with friends, try new experiences, and really go outside your comfort zone. Odds are you’ve find tons of new things you enjoy and will make much more happier memories in the years to come.