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If you’re thinking about divorce, you might see mediation brought up as an option. However, many people aren’t sure if it’s all it appears to be. These mediation misconceptions lead people to believe that it’s not an option for them. These people might be surprised, then, when it turns this may not be the case…

Mediation Misconceptions

“Mediation won’t work with high-conflict”

The thought that mediation and conflict won’t work is one of the most common mediation misconceptions. People who don’t get along with their spouse might think they won’t be able to properly discuss matters. However, these situations are where mediation can shine.

Part of the mediator’s job is to keep things civil. The mediator has a lot of tools they can use to help do this. They can have some one-on-one’s with you or your partner, or use online platforms to help ease tension. Overall, mediators will be able to help you and your partner keep your discussions civil.

“Mediation is about winners and losers”

This is another mediation misconception which makes people hesitant to try mediation. They might see it as a matter of going down the main issues, and picking a “winner” and “loser” for each one. In reality, mediation is more about finding a solution to these issues that works for the both of you.

The mediation process is about analyzing the key divorce issues and figuring out a solution that is mutually beneficial. You might have to make some concessions from your original stance. However, your divorce progress and relationship with your ex will both benefit.

“Mediation is too good to be true”

This final mediation misconception is about how useful mediation can be. Some people question how it can appear to just solve all their problems. Some will even question if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. It’s important to understand how and why mediation works as much as it does.

Mediation success doesn’t happen overnight. It might take some time for you and your ex to find some common ground. However, the majority of mediation cases end with both parties satisfied. They tend to end up with an outcome that leaves both of them glad they gave it a shot.