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Divorce can bring about a lot of change into your life. Sometimes, this change can show up in potentially moving post-divorce. However, you might have some questions about if moving is a good call for you. There are a few things you’ll want to consider when thinking about potentially moving…

Moving Post-Divorce: A Good Choice?

Consider your kids

Kids play a large role in making a decision about moving post-divorce. For example, if you have sole custody, you’d have to make sure where you move meets their needs, like being close to schools. Having shared custody means you’d have to think about making sure their other parent can still visit, or vice versa. Also, moving is more change for them on top of dealing with your divorce, which can be difficult.

Ultimately, you have to weight the pros and cons of trying to move at this time while considering your kids’ needs. Plus, you’ll also want to consider your ex, especially in regards to potentially changing any custody agreements. It might be best to wait to move until things become more settled and your kids adjust to the divorce changes.

Possible job adjustments

Something else to consider is your job, and possibly having to change it. Depending on where you move, you could significantly increase your work commute. You might have to look for a new job altogether, which brings about its own set of difficulties.

Make sure to keep these things in mind if you’re thinking about moving post-divorce. A good and safe choice is not making any decisions until your job question is resolved. Until you know either you’ll still be able to work your current job, or you’ve secured a new one, you might want to wait to move.

Move for the right reasons

Sometimes, people think that moving post-divorce will give them the “fresh start” that they feel they need. Being in a new environment with new faces certainly seems to fit that bill. However, this can sometimes backfire, and leave people with moving regret, as they end up missing their friends and family back home.

That’s why you want to make sure you move for the right reasons. Getting a fresh start after your divorce is something you can do in several different ways without moving. Make a decision to move after you’ve thought it over for a good amount of time and know it’s for sure what you want.