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After your divorce, you probably want to wait a bit before jumping back into the dating game. However, when you do start dating again, what happens if you find someone you think about marrying? Getting into a new engagement can be a hard call to make. However, there are a few things to ask which can help you decide…

New Engagement: A Good Idea?

Are they the right person?

It seems like it’s pretty obvious to ask yourself if this person is “the one” before starting a new engagement. However, a lot of people end up in engagements that they end up breaking off after a few weeks or months. Therefore, you have to really think about how well you can see a future for the both of you.

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself just how long you see your relationship lasting. This is especially true if it’s still somewhat recent. The added pressure of engagement can really have an impact. Rushing into an engagement, despite still not truly knowing each other, can set you up for an eventual break-up, or worse, another divorce in the future.

Consider the finances

Financial issues are a major cause of relationship stress, breakups, and divorce. Bills and debt put a lot of strain on even the happiest of couples. In fact, don’t forget that a new engagement can also bring strains, with buying a ring, wedding planning, etc. However, you can use this as a good way to judge your potential marriage.

Take a moment to figure out just how much stress getting married might put on your budget. If it’s way too much, that might be a good indication that you should wait on marriage. It can be tempting to rush into it once you’ve found the right person. Still, you don’t want financial troubles to ruin what should be a happy marriage.

Combined lifestyle

Married life is a lot different than just dating. As you’ll be living together, consider just how well your different lifestyles mesh. Those little things which bug you can end up becoming full-blown issues in married life. Make sure that your new engagement is with someone you know you can get along with day in and day out.