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Divorce and it’s aftershocks bring about a whole host of emotions. Post-divorce anxiety is one of the most common, and most difficult to deal with. However, there’s a few common causes which tend to set people’s anxiety off. Knowing these triggers can help you to better combat those anxious feelings…

Post-Divorce Anxiety: Common Causes


Moving into a new home is a common cause of post-divorce anxiety. Leaving what you’re familiar with and finding some place new to call home is nerve-wracking even under “normal” circumstances. Therefore, it makes sense doing it after a divorce is even harder. Still, you don’t have to let this anxiety get in the way of your plans.

Consider all the times your spouse got on your nerves when living together. Now, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Your new home will be one that fits you and your taste, and can quickly turn into a place which reduces your anxiety rather than encourages it.

Making new friends

Humans are social creatures. We like to be around other people, especially those we get along with. Of course, in a marriage, many couples will share a friendship circle. After a divorce, some of those friends might not still be in your circle, which can cause some post-divorce anxiety about making new ones.

Still, remember that you’ve always been making new friends, even if you didn’t realize it. Making new ones isn’t something you just “forget” how to do. One good way to make new friends is to pick up a hobby, new or old. Doing so is a nice way to meet similar people to yourself, and some future friends.


Adjusting to being a co-parent is also another common cause of post-divorce anxiety. Re-adjusting your relationship with your ex to that of a co-parent is tricky, especially if things ended on not-so-great terms. Plus, you also might be worried about how your kids themselves will respond to the changes.

The best thing to do is keep your kids in mind as the ultimate goal. You and your ex both want them to be happy, even if you have your differences. Use that common ground to come together and collaborate on a co-parenting plan, which will benefit your kids the best.