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While divorce can be a difficult time, so can the period after your divorce. Many people will struggle with post-divorce depression and the challenges that come with it. This depression can make things difficult for these people trying to start their new lives. However, there are steps they can take to help handle these feelings…

Post-Divorce Depression: Pushing Through

Take your time to grieve

One of the issues people with post-divorce depression face is believing they shouldn’t be sad or grieving. In their minds, they believe that they should be excited for their new future, not sad over the past. However, they can’t shake those feelings of sadness, even if they were the ones who wanted the divorce.

As it turns out, being sad after your divorce is quite normal. There is no “standard” grieving time, as everyone handles things differently. So instead of trying to rush through the grieving process because you think you “should” be happy, take the right amount of time you need to recover.

Talk to others

Many people with post-divorce depression try to handle their feelings by themselves. Sometimes, they’ll bottle up how they feel, because they think they’ll be a bother or a “downer” if they talk about it. Ultimately, this can end up making those feelings even worse.

Instead, talking to others about how you feel can help work through those feelings. Seeing someone like a therapist will not only let you get your emotions off your chest, but also develop specialized strategies for handling your depression. Even just talking to close friends and family can help you feel better and get some much-needed emotional support.

Keep moving

Another post-divorce depression symptom is feeling “stuck”. Things that you usually had felt excited for now don’t seem so appealing anymore. This kind of rut can seem pretty hard to get out of. What it takes is finding a way to keep yourself moving forward.

Maybe you can look for new things to give a try. Or perhaps you can take some time to treat yourself. Whatever it might be, what’s important is that you continue enjoying your life for your own sake. Once you’ve taken that first step, you’ll be able to start that process of moving forward.