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Spousal rape is a form of abuse that can occur in a marriage when one partner forces the other to have sex. This could be by the use of physical force or through emotional manipulation. Sex should be consensual every time it occurs, without a partner feeling pressure. Spousal rape is a form of abuse that is both physical abuse and emotional abuse. It often happens because one partner wants to show control. If you or somebody you know is in an abusive relationship, reach out to get support. There are support systems in place to help you safely get out of a relationship and keep yourself safe, as well as take the next step of bringing charges against your spouse.

Spousal Rape and Marital Abuse: What is it and How to Get Help

What is Spousal Rape?

Spousal rape, or marital rape, is largely criminalized around the world. By the 1990s, all fifty states put into place laws against it. While we often consider rape to be a forceful act, it doesn’t have to involve physical force. A partner can force another to have sex against their will through emotional manipulation and threats as well.

Is it Abuse?

Spousal rape is considered a form of sexual abuse. But it also is physically and emotionally abusive as well. For example, the victim often feels powerless in the situation. In addition, it can often escalate to physical violence as well. This form of abuse can cause lasting emotional harm.

Why Does it Happen?

Just like other forms of rape, spousal rape is most often all about power. Rather than the actual act itself, it’s a way for an abuser to show their total control over their spouse. Just like other forms of abuse. Most abusive partners are wanting to show that they have full control over their victims to make them feel helpless. When people feel powerless in a relationship, it makes it harder for them to leave.

How to Get Help

If you find yourself in a relationship where spousal rape exists, you need to get out safely and quickly. This is a serious crime and a form of abuse that can be an indicator of physical violence. Call The Hotline to find support in your area. You can also speak to a doctor, therapist, or police officer about your experience. Find somebody you trust and ask for their help in getting out of the relationship as safely as possible. This is also a criminal act, so if you want to pursue charges against your spouse, you can find guidance for that as well.

It’s important to safely exit a relationship if you experience spousal rape. This is a crime and a serious form of abuse that is both physically and emotionally abusive. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is a great source of support if you need help. There are also many local resources for women in abusive relationships. This type of abuse is often all about power dynamics and is a way for one partner to exert control over the other. Sex within a marriage should always be consensual, with no strings attached or pressure of any sort. While we often think of physical violence in association with this, it doesn’t have to include physical force. Often abusers use emotional manipulation and threats as well. Find the help you need to get out safely and begin the healing process.