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There are plenty of different divorce landmines that you should be aware of. Some are common sense, and some you might not have realized are potential hazards. There are many ways that a divorce can be stressful, but it’s best if you can avoid as much drama as possible. One potential landmine is the divorce itself. If you and your partner are having issues with your relationship, be on the lookout for signs of an impending divorce. Also, avoid social media as this can make a divorce more complicated. Protect your assets early on. And finally, know that you will likely lose some friends along the way if your divorce gets nasty. Hopefully, you’ll be prepared for all of these potential hiccups and can have a smooth divorce process.

Sidestep Divorce Landmines: Avoid Drama by Being Careful

The Blindside Landmine

The first potential divorce landmine is the divorce itself. If you and your spouse are having trouble with your relationship, you might not realize that they are filing for divorce. Sometimes the divorce itself comes as a huge shock. One partner thinks that they are working through problems, and the other has already spoken with an attorney. Be on the lookout for signs of divorce like sudden financial changes. You might also look for sudden changes in your partner, their behavior, how they interact with your children, and their schedule.

The Social Media Landmine

Another divorce landmine that many couples fall into is the social media trap. No matter how nasty your divorce is, posting about it on social media is never a good idea. It can increase the resentment and anger between you two and make your ex more aggressive in court. If you are fighting for custody it can also call into question how cooperative of a co-parent you’ll be with your ex. This is something that judges take into consideration. Even if you post privately within a group, remember that others can take screenshots of your words and send them to your ex.

The Financial Landmine

Also be on the lookout for divorce landmines in your finances when going through a divorce, especially a very contentious one. It’s a good idea to go ahead and separate half of your assets into a bank account that is yours. If you are going through a really nasty breakup, your ex could potentially take all of the money out of your accounts. Or ring up massive amounts of debt on joint credit cards. Try to separate your assets as much as you can early so that you are protected financially. Speak to a divorce attorney and financial advisor early on in the process for advice.

The Friend Landmine

Finally, one of the saddest divorce landmines that you might not be expecting is the friendship one. Unfortunately, in a divorce, you likely will lose some friends. Your friends that you met with your ex will likely feel the need to choose sides. Especially if your divorce is contentious. If this is the case, you might have some friends that take your ex’s side. Your family and friends you knew before your marriage should support you, but you might lose a few friends along the way.

Divorce landmines are sometimes easy to spot and sometimes surprising. There are so many ways that a divorce can go from agreeable to contentious. Try to keep the drama to a minimum. If you and your partner are struggling with your relationship, be on the lookout for sudden behavior changes that might warn you of an impending divorce. Protect yourself financially from your ex being able to drain the bank accounts or run up debt. Avoid posting anything about your divorce on social media. And finally, know going into it that there’s a chance that some friends might side with your ex. Knowing that these pitfalls are out there might help you avoid them. If you can keep the drama to a minimum, you can hopefully have a smoother divorce.