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Holidays schedules for split custody arrangements can be difficult to decide on. They cause a lot of stress for many families each year. However, if both parents go into it knowing that they’ll need to compromise a little bit, hopefully, you can avoid some of the stress and pain. Some families choose to do alternating holidays each year so that parents get to do the holidays fully with their children every other year. Others choose fixed holidays where year after year they assign holidays to the same parent. Some choose to split holidays in half so each parent gets to spend some time during the special day with their kids. And yet others choose to just double up on holidays and celebrate twice. However, you decide to handle the holidays, try to keep an open mind, and be flexible to avoid stress.

Examples of Holiday Schedules for Split Custody: Keep the Holidays Stress-Free

Alternating Holidays

Some families choose to work out their holiday schedules for split custody by alternating holidays. This means that they look at the year in advance and divvy up which parent gets which holiday. Usually, they’ll take the big ones like Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, etc, and try to split them evenly. Then the next year, they switch. Each parent knows that they’ll get their kids for important holidays every other year.

Fixed Holidays

Another example of holiday schedules for split custody is to use a fixed holiday schedule. This works very well if each parent has certain holidays that are a top priority for them but are not as important for the other parent. This works especially well around the holidays if one parent celebrates Hanukkah while the other celebrates Christmas. Each year, the parent gets the same holidays.

Split Holidays

Yet other families choose to split holidays for their holiday schedules for split custody. This means that they swap off during the actual day of the holiday. This works well for families that live in the same area. The children might spend Christmas morning at one parent’s house and then go to the other parent’s house around midday. This allows each parent a chance to celebrate with their kids on the actual day of the event.

Double Holidays

Finally, one last way to handle holiday schedules for split custody is to just double up on the holidays. The parents will keep their normal schedule as-is for custody. Then whichever parents the actual day of the holiday lands on celebrates on that day. Then the other parent celebrates the same holiday when they get custody again. You might consider swapping each year so that each parent takes turns having their kids on the actual holiday.

However you choose to handle holiday schedules for split custody, it’s important to work together as a parenting unit. You and your ex might not get along on many things. However, holidays should be special for children. Try to prioritize that over your concerns or bitter feelings. You might choose to pick alternating holidays to celebrate each year. Or maybe it will work better to have certain holidays that you each celebrate year after year with your kids. If you live close by to one another you can split that actual day of the holiday itself. And finally, you might consider just doubling up and letting your children celebrate holidays twice. The important thing is that you try to remain flexible and civil with one another so that your children can have a magical holiday season.