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If you are in quarantine after a divorce and feeling lonely from the isolation, it might be a good time to try some new hobbies. Adjusting to living by yourself after a divorce is hard enough. But to add the isolation of quarantine on top makes things much harder on you. If you are feeling well, consider giving a new exercise a try. You can also practice mindfulness and meditation. Many colleges, schools, and entrepreneurs are offering online classes at the moment. It might be a great time to take advantage of these. And finally, if you’ve ever considered writing a book or any other creative outlets, now is the time to go for it. Hopefully, you will stay healthy and everybody can get back to normal social events soon.

Quarantine After a Divorce: New Hobbies to Try Out

New Exercise

If you are in quarantine after a divorce because of exposure to Covid, you might be feeling perfectly fine. If you are in quarantine because you’re actively sick, take it easy and rest. But if you’re feeling up to it, try a new exercise. There are many videos and tutorials to help you learn something new like yoga. You can even download apps to help you stay motivated, like Couch to 5K to build up endurance for long-distance running.


Quarantine after a divorce can be stressful and lonely. It’s a great time to focus on your mental health and wellbeing. Try taking up some mindfulness practices like meditation. Meditation can help you calm down and can reduce stress. You can also practice breathing exercises or journaling to help you with your mental well-being.

Take a Class

If you’re in quarantine after a divorce, it’s a great time to learn something new. Right now, there are tons of colleges and universities offering online classes. You can also search for online cooking demos, flower arranging, design, etc. There are also online tours of museums, zoos, historical sights, and many more. Think of something that you’re interested in and see if there are classes online.

Creative Writing

Finally, quarantine after a divorce is a great time to get cracking on that book that you’ve had in your head for years. You can even self-publish on Amazon for free. If you’re interested in writing or other creative talents like art, painting, sculpture, etc. it’s a great time to pursue them. Find something that helps you feel less stressed.

If you’re in quarantine after a divorce, life can be very lonely and also boring. It’s important to make sure and keep busy to help the time pass. Try to find some new hobbies to try to fill the extra time you have. If you’re feeling well, give a new exercise a try. You can also just try to focus on your mental well-being by trying some mindfulness exercises like meditation. There are classes online offered for just about any interest you could imagine. And finally, it’s a great time to let your creative juices flow and dig into a passion for writing or art. Hopefully, you can find some new hobbies to get passionate about that will make the time slip by faster in quarantine.