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You’re now divorced and moving on. Right? Well, as technology advances, so does everything else— good and bad. We are more in touch with the people around us and it’s easier to keep in contact. However, on the flip side, it’s much easier to take a look into things that we should be distancing ourselves from. Your ex is moving on with their life and so should you. Therefore, it’s important to understand how damaging it can be to fall into a pattern of checking your exes social media. Not only do these actions hold you back when it comes to moving on, but it also makes you focus on what you don’t have rather than what you do. So, let’s make a change…

Social Media & Exes: Avoiding Post-Divorce Engagement

Block Them

If you find yourself constantly checking up on your ex, it helps to just block them! Blocking may seem rude or that you have hard feelings but, who cares? What’s most important is your health and well-being. Checking your exes social media is not a part of making sure your health and well-being is alright. You may also feel hesitant to blocking because it means that you’re, in a way, severing ties completely. However, you’ve technically already done that. Remembering that can help you press that block button.

Keep Yourself Busy

Another way to keep from engaging on social media with your ex-spouse is to keep yourself busy. You can take the time you spend looking up their life to enjoying yourself. You can go out with friends or take care of business. For example, if there’s something you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to it, this is a great time. Spring clean your place or add some potted plants to make it look nicer! Read some books that you’ve set aside for a later time. Or, try a hobby you’ve always wanted to do. Spend your time on you, not any more on your ex.

A Different Approach

Additionally, there are some other paths to keep from checking your exes social media. You can give yourself some tough love. Somehow, make it so you’re reminded of how you felt the last time you looked at their page. It didn’t feel good, did it? Who wants to feel bad? Not a lot of people. Therefore, find a way to remind yourself of that feeling. Hopefully, it’ll lessen the times you check their page.

Going through a divorce can be hard but eventually you move on. If you’re looking into your ex-spouse’s social media, it can keep you from moving on. Social media and social media engagement are relatively new practices so some may see it as silly. However, it’s valid to be concerned about it. Luckily, if you take steps to stop it, you’ll be moving on before you know it.